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Shakespeare Chamber

Each room connect within Shakespeare’s Sonnets
All of them are one of a kind
12 different designers, 14 unique styles
Experience all in once.
The endless love between Romeo and Juliet.
The game happened in A Midsummer-Night’s Dream
The crush in the Twelfth Night
Now, it’s your turn, write down your own love story here.

The Tempest.

Do you love me?
The love language between lovers
Now, it's your turn to win back your love.


Write down your love 
Midsummer-Night’s Dream

The tiny purple love
Carrying the secret of love
Once you locked with the strong feeling,
All you can do is mad about him.


Yes or no, maybe no one cares.
To love or be loved, is more important, 
Pick a date for the next time, this is our first commitment.
Our love just started.
Twelfth Night

Remember the first time we meet.
I think there is something between us,
The heart beat,holding hands,
Our first kiss, hugs.
Those lovely memories, wish I can find it here this time.


Midsummer-Night’s Dream.

A starring night,
A nightingale murmuring sweet tunes,
Fairies are singing the lullaby,
Elves dance gracefully under the moonlight.


The same moon light
Romeo and Juliet.

At the Verona,
She can’t stop wonder, where is he?
Under the same moonlight,
She is looking for love; try to hold the arrow from Cupid.

As you like it.

A beautiful wedding,
A endless love be between two lovebirds.
Love you until the end.

Twelfth Night

I hope we can be the lovebirds fly above the sky.
I hope we believe our love can least forever.
I hope….

Romeo and Juliet.

A commitment between our love.
A vow to testify our feelings.
A promise that we will keep it forever.


Remeo and Juliet

The place we first met
Two hearts both afraid to love,
Our first dance tells we are looking for the same thing.
Are you ready for love?

 Romeo and Juliet.

Before the Sun rise.
Let the sun testify our relationship.
Let the clouds share our sweetness
From now on, we belong to each other.

As you like it.

The essence of love is madness,
Enjoy the slight feeling of fall in love
Follow the sweetness and bitter feeling
This is the fest of love.



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